Excellent fermentation and the effect of dissipation

  • Hot temperature aerobic microorganisms (Brevibacillus borstelensis and Bacillus Iicheniformis) are developed and produced by ourselves. Therefore, it produces the excellent fermentation and the effect of dissipation.
  • More than 90 % decomposition and dissipation effect within 4~8 hours depending on types of food.

Outstanding durability and fully automated systems

  • Since it is made of aluminum and stainless steel. it can be used semi-permanently.
  • Food can be continuously put into the machine through the fully automated systems.

No Stinky smell

  • Unique smell of food is minimized with Kazachstania telluris which is a patent yeast strain.
  • Since the dissipation processing speed is fast. food is degraded before it is spoiled. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any stinky smell at all.

Processing expense Is low

  • Due to the low power usage. processing expense is low (100 KG I day is processed, 390 KWH /I month)
  • More than 90 % decomposition and dissipation effect within 4~8 hours depending on types of food.

24 Hour After Service

Principle of microorganisms and a machine

  • Principle is to ensure the vigorous activity of 16 strains of microorganisms which break down and take away eating protein by making the best environment in which they can be highly active and breed (reproduce themselves) by computer control.

  • Once only organisms to eat (food wastes) and environment (computer controlled) are ready, microorganisms permanently repeat the action that they take away eating food waste with breeding.

  • Microorganisms will be replenished with new ones 1~2 times per year if needed.

  • Microorganism is absolutely safe in the human body.

The best product technology

  1. Since it is made of aluminum and stainless steel, it is semi- permanent

  2. Since it is equipped with touch screen, it is easy to operate it

  3. Due to rapid assembly and disassemble, fast A/S processing is available

  4. Since the agitation structure is optimized and internal cutting blade is equipped, volume is reduced and fermentation dissipation is excellent

  5. Since punching netting structures are specialized, the drainage is facilitated after dissipation

  6. Since the durability of the rotating spindle is superior, it is unlikely to be damaged upon the introduction of foreign substance

  7. The power use is minimized and the growth of microorganism is optimized not through a heater method but through a hot water control method.

Outstanding decomposition performance of microorganism strain of which patent Bio Green has as the only one in Korea

Excellence of Proteolysis

Results from the microbial growth experiments condutced in gelatin media showed the very active degradation of protiens.

Excellence of Lipolysis

Results from the microbial growth experiments condutced in egg emulation media showed the very active degradation of lipids.



Characteristics and the role of patented microbial strains

Fermentation microorganisms : Basillus bacteria

(Brevlbaclllus borstelensls and Bacillus llcheniformls) in the form of bacillus

Gram – positive aerobic spore – fonning bacteria

  • it Inhibits the activity of putrefactlve bacteria in intestines and reduces the production of carcinogens
  • it creates a variety of anti microbial substances
  • it decomposes the organic matters at high temperature of 45 C or more
  • It secrets much of the enzymes and the physiologically active substances
  • Due to the formation of spore, it can he survived in the severe environmental changes

Fermentation and deodorization microorganisms : (Kazachstanla tellurls)
eukaryotic cell and the single cell with egg shape

  • They are widely distributed in area with high sugar concentration such as fruit or flowers
  • They are used for a variety of fermentation of beer or bread and can grow at even low pH.
  • Regardless of presence of oxygen, they can grow
  • They generate carbon dioxide and alcohol by fermentation of sugars
  • They are main microorganisms that cause heating in the process of dissipation
  • They have the excellent power to remove the odor due to the generation of alcohols

Process of decomposition and dissipation depending on types of food waste

(Results of experiments conducted by research team of Professor Ahn, Tae Seok in
the department of Environmental Science at Kangwon National University)

  • Effect of 90% or more dissipation is shown over 8 hours upon injection of food waste
  • However. depending on the kind of food extinction effects may be delayed.

Recommended Places

Expected benefit upon installation of processor

Division In case that microorganism fermentation and dissipation processor is installed
Health and Environmental feature Upon occurrence of leftover food, putrefaction or secondary bacterial contamination is suppressed through the immediate use of the processor
Convenience Since it is completed in the kitchen, themoving distance is minimized.
Economy Direct factor
The expense is minimized through the installation of processor.

Indirect factor
Mixing supplies is prevented through separate introduction of leftover foods.
Practicality Recycling of clean space through installation in a small area

Caution upon handling the food processing equipment (general waste which animals cannot eat)

Quantities of food waste

  • Excess addition of organic matter (oil etc) may reduce the dissipation performance.

  • Upon addition of detergent, it is likely to kill microorganisms.

Materials cannot be decomposed (general waste which animals cannot eat).

  • Metal, plastic, shell of shellfish and various types of bones , glass, plastic. wooden chopsticks, toothpicks, paper tape, drugs and so on.

Power and supply of Water.

  • Even if the dissipation is completed, please do not turn off the power and the supply of water. Even if you are out for the long term or it is a holiday, you should not turn off the power.

After Service and The supplement of microorganism

As “BIO-GREEN” is operated by using microorganisms, it can be used until at least 10-3O years if the user abides by well use rules.

Due to the nature of food spoilage, our company’s A/S will be in operation 24 hours a day, and we will charge the promised amount for the breakdown of a unit and the supplement of microorganisms which occur because the user does not abide by use rules.

Self-Conceit About Life

My family and I live in a clean area (Green Zone)!

“Green Zone” project to make the place where there’s no rat and harmful insect and contagious disease!

Please install a Bio Green everywhere that food wastes are produced.

Is Bio Green cost expensive?

In general housing and a condominium, please use one unit of Bio Green jointly together with 200-300 households.

In the restaurant, please use one unit of Bio Green jointly together with 30~50 companies.

With one unit of Bio Green, 200~30O households in the general housing’s case, or 30~50 companies in the restaurant’s case can easily dispose of food wastes which are produced every day.

Where excessively produced food waste go?

Just Rats, pests and animals eat them and return disease of unknown to us again!

The sediment of food wastes contaminates mountain and river without being disintegrated forever and gives us natural disaster again.

Milen Bio Green Sdn Bhd is sole distributor for Malaysia