No less than 60,000 of bacillus that can die just in boiling water are there in your hands

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Now, we can fully prevent the human body infection of avian influenza and  an epidemic of swine(new) influenza that people are lately concerned about if we just make hand washing a way of life!

Virus and related diseases that can be transferred by hands

Salmonella typhi:
Vibrio cholera:
Measles virus:
Bacterial dysentery:
A-type virus:
Colon bacillus:
Staphylococcus aureus:
Staphylococcus aureus:

A cold, flu
Typhoid fever
Tympanitis, vaginitis
The influenza infection
Diarrhea, urinary tract infections
Purulent diseases, food poisoning
Boils, furuncles

Bio Hand Washer Features

Cleaning power

  • Automatic cleaning and stop by the optical sensor controller according to automatic operation function.
  • The exertion of optimum cleaning performance by applying the green injectors first in the country.


  • Easy and convenient sanitary hand washing by just a hand washer without the need for wet tissue, wet towel.
  • Disease prevention and cleanliness maintenance through Hand washing and cleaning


  • Automatic cleaning and stop by the optical sensor controller according to automatic operation function
  • Large water tank space – free-use by replenishing water once
  • The full automation systematization of operation and various control devices – top performance exertion

Economic Feasibility

  • Power-saving equipment – maximizing energy efficiency (electricity usage fee RM10 a month)
  • Cost-cutting effect by non use of liquid soap, wet tissue, etc.

Post Management

  • 5 year warranty on product defect and real-name system induction for customer satisfaction
  • The construction of most advanced management system and the operation of 30places of national service centers for 24-hour a day.

Disinfection effect due to the method of disinfecting and cleaning

Selection and culturing of strain

  • Use strain :serratia marcescenes(KCTC 12457) Sale in lots from microbial resource centre(KCTC)
  • 24-hour culturing at 30℃ with painting strain over nutrient agar medium

Disinfection capacity test

  • Suspension of cultured colony in sterile distilled water
  • Each experimenter washes his hands perfectly by hand wash and dries them naturally
  • Dry hands naturally after rubbing palms putting 0.5mls of strain suspension in hand to coat the entire palms with it.
  • Dry hands naturally after rubbing palms putting 0.5 mls of each testing liquid in hand and washing(disinfecting) them on the whole.
  • 24-hour culturing at 30℃ with imprinting palm print on Nutrient agar medium (Four times inspections per the same test)

Companies that Bio hand washer installation is suitable for

School Cafeteria



Public Cafeteria



Disinfection capacity test result

Hands not washed after being coated with strain

Hands washed with natural water and normal soap

Hands washed with alkaline water

Hand washed with 70% industrial alcohol

Hand washed with vegetable alcohol

Hand washed with Bio Hand Washer

Hand washed for 5 seconds with flowing tap water


  • Simply washing with running water has no disinfection effect

  • It is found that there is hardly sterilizing power of vegetable alcohol

  • It is found that washing with using soap or (Bio hand washer) or sterilizing with 70% alcohol is the most effective disinfection method.