We carry out our responsibility and our role as a eco green corporation.

The Eco-friendly technology of Milen Bio is for the healthy future of our families and communities. The food waste disposer to start developing since 2004 and the field of products utilizing ‘EM’ that are Effective Microorganisms have already been recognized at home and abroad as the best quality and efficacy.

All the active and vibrant research and amazing patent technologies of Milen Bio result from nature.
We are the representative green company of Republic of Korea where a professional company of environmental household appliances, Hanaro electronics co., Ltd which has unique technologies & a manufacturing plant and Milen Bio which is a sale corporation come together.

We are doing the best so that everyone can achieve a happy life by Eco-friendly technologies and healthful products on the basis of research and development through industry, academia and research institutions, and joint projects with municipalities.