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Is After Service reliable?

MilenBio (Korea) has the professional employee make a personal visit once a month and maintain Milen.

How to confirm or purchase a product directly?

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Is it possible to return the product unopened?

If you use the product after purchase, you can return it within 10 days after purchase.

If the product is unopened, you can return it within one month after purchase.

And, you can return the product to the place of purchase.

Can products be purchased in quantity at a time?

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Milen Bio Food Waste Disposer

Do I have to install the product separately?

You can use Milen, a food waste bio disposer if it is only plugged in like general household appliances. all systems are fully automated, so all you have to do is put food waste whenever it is produced.

Do I discharge water connecting an exhaust hose to the sewage outlet?

MilenBio is an independent type product without an exhaust hose.

The product whose method is to connect to the sewage outlet or drainage outlet is a similar disposer whose sale is prohibited by the Government.

If the residue remaining after food waste decomposes is discharged into the sewerage, it becomes the culprit of environmental pollution.

Do the microorganisms have to be replaced frequently?

If it is not a customer’s carelessness, the replacement or supplement of microorganisms is not required at all.

The microorganisms of MilenBio are semi-permanently alive, circulating naturally.

Are the microorganisms used in a product safe?

MilenBio uses eco-friendly microorganisms taken from land of our country, that is to say nature.

You can use the microorganisms feeling easy because they are entirely harmless in human body.

Is there really no offensive odor?

The existing products have the problem of not being able to remove an order. You can feel safe purchasing the product of MilenBio because a new technology of not needing to install the product and perfectly removing an oder was applied to it.

When the lid is opened, it smells. Is that the way it is (with the product)?

  • If it smells of anything when the lid is opened, it is the smell of fermentation that is produced while microorganisms decompose food waste.
  • If you locate the product on an airy place, the smell can be reduced as much as possible.
  • If it is not necessary, it is recommended that you do not open the lid frequently.

The filter is frequently clogged because dust floats inside the product.

It is recommended that the exhaust filter is frequently cleaned.

It is helpful to put the adequate amount of water with food waste when the quantity of food waste is little.

May I throw away fruit peels just as they are?

Food waste remaining after trimming fruit peels and vegetables has a lot of fiber.

Vegetable fiber does not decompose and dissipate because it contains a lot of Cellulose which is a kind of inorganic substance.

In this case, if you put food waste in the disposer cutting it as finely as possible, the effect of decomposition and dissipation should be improved.

When should I scoop byproducts?

If you open the lid and look at the inside of a decomposition unit, the limit line (a base line below which by-product must be scooped) will be seen.

When (the decomposition unit is) full of by-products to the limit line, please scoop the by-products.

I can not scoop by-products as they are sloppy.

Please watch it for 1~2 days after pressing dehumidifying button, and then please scoop the by-products after they are fully decomposed and dry

May I throw away by-products with general waste ?

Legally you can throw away by-products produced from fermentation extinction disposer as general waste.
You can also utilize by-products as compost.

Doesn’t the hazardous ingredient come out from food waste when the lid of a gas ejector at the back of the product or that of a product is opened?

There are several variables such as the properties and condition of food waste, and the input quantity of food waste.

However, there is no problem at all in using this disposer generally because it passed the quality test of an accredited institute.

Business & Sale

What should I do to become an agency (an authorized retail store), a business dealer?

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May I receive business related product descriptions?

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