Food waste disposal unit whose quality the world recognizes

Home use food waste bio disposer

High quality appliances style to harmonize with stylish kitchen!

Sensual Design

The smart and simple design that harmonizes with anything improves the classiness of the product  that is high-quality appliances.

Electrical Bills Worry-Free

There is no burden as power consumption is 60w/h and very low, and the product is semi-permanent
because there is no replacement of filter or microorganism.

Convenience of installation and transfer

The large installation space is not needed since the width is 38.5cm, and it is convenient to move the product because of an ergonomic handle.

Quiet appliances with no noise

The smart and simple design that harmonizes with anything improves the classiness of the product that is high-quality appliances.

Very simple instructions! The principle that microorganisms dissipate food waste

Just a minute! Refer to these certainly

  • you can put food waste frequently even during fermentation, About 1kg a day is an adequate amount.

  • Don’t put hard substances, such as various bones or shells

  • 1-2 months later, if the equipment is filled with by-products, please use them(by-products) as compost.

Decomposition process of food waste and deodorization principle

  • Wood chip is utilized as a place where microorganisms settle to the bottom and reproduce.

  • Put food waste and close the lid, and the stirring wings rotates and mixes food waste.

  • Eco-friendly microorganisms emit catabolic enzyme after the input of food waste.

  • After 24 hours, most of the food waste is decomposed, and the generated enzymes are dissipated and evaporated.

  • Stinking gas which is dissipated and evaporated and water vapour become harmless gas, which is discharged through deodorization system.

  • Recycling is semi-permanently repeated according to the principle of natural circulation.
  • Exhaust hose is not needed because deodorization & purification system is built into the food waste disposer.

Product structure

What is not Food waste?

The specification of Domestic food waste Bio disposer

Milen food waste bio disposer
Disposal method Microorganism fermentation disposal method
External dimension (mm) W385 X D430 X H580
Weight 18kg
Decomposition capacity 3-4 persons (one of average emissions 0.25kg / day)
Rated voltage 240V / 50Hz
Power consumption 60W/h
Noise Less than 40 db
Deodorization method Metallic ion oxide catalyst method
Microorganism Bio-alpha (,Aerobic, acidophilic, and halophilic microorganism which is a kind of bacillus)
Places to use An airy veranda, secondary kitchen, etc.